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Enry.no akes blog posts from startups made accessible from a simple interface, allowing for citywide filtering.

www.de.Enry.com will feature blog posts from startups in German, while www.Norway.Startup.Life will contain blog posts from all startups in Norway.

Background Image

Very different from normal image

Background images are just that. Background. You can apply a background image to any element on the page. Even an image element can have a background image. The main benefit of using background images instead of an image component is the flexibility of it. Through the image control panel, you have control over size, position, repeatable patterns and more. If you put a background image on a container or a grid, you can drop another element into it, like a text element or another image. You can even have multiple background images on the same element and blend them. You can also have a background color and a background image on the same element and blend them. This comes in handy when you want to use hover effects.

Background Video


Background videos can be applied to any element, including a text element. You should also apply a cover image to the background video as a backup in case the video fails to load. To add a background video, select an element, and open the video control panel in the right toolbar. Click the Add Video button. You can then enter an external video url, or upload your own. You can also give your video a title. Background videos from a stock video website like dissolve.com will work the best if you want to see this feature work. Go to their site, find a video you want and right click on it. Copy the video address and paste it into the external video url input area.

Image Elements

different than background images

The image shown above is an image element. You cannot put anything inside of an image element. Image elements will always preserve their aspect ratio, unlike background images. You also have the ability to add accessible alternative text to an image element through the image controls panel. Image elements are best used for logos and small images that you don't want cropped. For a more flexible solution, just use background images on any other element.

Fixed Background

parallax effect

In the background image panel you can set a property called fixed bg. This property fixes the background image to the viewport and doesn't move, while the rest of the site moves around it as you scroll up and down. This gets turned off on mobile devices that don't support it.

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